Sunday, 7 May 2017

Speckled Yellow

A Speckled Yellow at the distinctly un-sylvan Springfield Farm landfill, near Beaconsfield, Bucks was a surprise. It presumably came from the adjacent Dipple Wood.

Dave Ferguson

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  1. Nice one Dave.

    Most of the 40 or so Bucks records are from the last 20 years and are from the wooded areas in the South East of the county (approximately South & East of Beaconsfield).
    There are a couple of sites well outside this area. One is Bernwood in 1997, first there since the 1930s and an odd one at Pitstone Fen 1982.
    It likes relatively open woods, or ones with glades and rides and has a fairly distinctive flight as it flutters through dappled sun-light. The larval foodplant is wood sage.
    If any one has time to have a look for it in woods slightly outside it's current distribution that would be useful. As would having a look at Bernwood.

    Martin Albertini
    Bucks moth recorder


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