Thursday, 11 May 2017

Quite early records

Some nice recent records, albeit among small numbers coming to the actinic light, in our garden in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire, recently: like others, I've had a recent few Poplar Hawkmoths, the first on 3rd May, which was quite early compared to other years; but also a rather nice Iron Prominent on 23rd April, a Flame Carpet on 29th April and the first of a number of Chocolate Tips on the 30th; also a White-spotted Pug on 6th May -- all of them distinctly earlier than the first records last year. A particular prize was an Acleris literana on 7th May, a garden first and a nice neat little micro; and I've posted below from 6th May a micro some 8mm long, which looks like some Acrobasis species, but is perhaps too poorly marked for positive ID? -- nonetheless, if somebody could help, I'd be grateful.

Chocolate Tip, 30/4/17

Flame Carpet, 29/4/17
Acleris literana, 7/5/17
Mystery micro, 6/5/17

Iron Prominent, 23/4/17

Steve Goddard


  1. Not sure about your micro, Steve, as it seems a bit too far gone to get close to species from that picture. You may well be correct in suggesting a pyrale (although it is very early for most) but it would really need dissection.

    Good to see you are getting a decent supply of Chocolate-tips too. It has already surpassed the most sightings I've ever had in the garden in one year and we've still got the second brood to look forward to yet!

  2. Thanks, Dave -- good year for them, evidently (and not bad for Brimstones, and last month, Streamers, too).


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