Saturday, 6 May 2017

More on Spuleria flavicaput?

Thanks, Dave.  Another, albeit not very good, photo herewith.  Could be Prays ruficeps, I suppose, but that would be a bit of a rarity wouldn't it?  Maybe it needs to have its bits examined?

Richard Ellis


  1. No it's not rare Richard, just new and under recorded. Pop it in an envelope with the next batch for me.

  2. In that image the shape looks far more like flavicaput so best keep it anyway for Peter to look at. There are only about half a dozen records for Bucks (including one from your garden in 2006, I see!). Re Prays ruficeps, I seem to encounter it far more regularly than I do fraxinella!

  3. Another suggestion has been sent to me and I think it might be an even better fit for this moth: Pseudatemelia flavifrontella. Definitely worth getting it dissected.


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