Monday, 1 May 2017

Final April Trap

Having been away in North Wales for four days, we got back yesterday just in time to be able to run the garden actinic trap.  Even though it rained here for most of the night, the temperature held up and by this morning the trap had produced 38 soggy moths of 19 species which was rather better than I expected.  Even though there were loads of fly and caddis-fly species only one micro-moth put in an appearance, a smart male Bee Moth.  However, there was a very nice variety of pugs with the full list being as follows:  Aphomia sociella (1), Chinese Character (1), Garden Carpet (1), Green Carpet (1), Currant Pug (1), Common Pug (2), White-spotted Pug (1), Ochreous Pug (1), Brindled Pug (1), Oak-tree Pug (1), V-Pug (1), Brimstone Moth (6), Waved Umber (1), Chocolate-tip (1), Muslin Moth (1), Shuttle-shaped Dart (1), Common Quaker (1), Hebrew Character (14) & Poplar Grey (1).  New for the garden year-list were the Aphomia sociella, Green Carpet (a stunningly fresh specimen), Ochreous Pug (which unfortunately glued itself to the side of the trap!), Waved Umber & Poplar Grey.  April ended with the list on a site record high of 91 adult moth species (64 macros, 27 micros).

Ochreous Pug, Westcott 30th April

Green Carpet, Westcott 30th April

Waved Umber, Westcott 30th April

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks

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