Monday, 24 April 2017

Very early 60th

Last night saw Common Wave and Knot Grass come to the actinic trap here at Westcott, taking the total number of macro-moth species recorded in the garden this year to 60.  Nothing much to shout about there, you might think, but certainly for at least the previous ten years that total has never been achieved so early in the season and only once before in April: 

5th May
Garden Carpet
22nd May
Mottled Pug
11th May
Clouded-bordered Brindle
30th May
Common Wave
10th May
Green Carpet
9th May
Iron Prominent
20th May
Grass Rivulet
10th May
Orange Footman
28th April
White Ermine
17th May
Knot Grass

While counts will vary from site to site, this has certainly been a very unusual year so far with many species appearing far earlier than is normal.  The average date to achieve 60 macros here is 13th May.

Knot Grass, Westcott 23rd April

Another Acronicta species was the only thing of interest to an MV trap run for the usual three hours in Bernwood Forest last night where an early Alder Moth put in an appearance (I won't go on about how the Met Office got their forecast of night-time cloud cover completely wrong yet again...).  The very chilly conditions didn't seem to affect either Lesser Swallow Prominent or Great Prominent which were still arriving as I packed up (final counts of 10 and 44 respectively) but there was nothing else of note.

Alder Moth, Bernwood Forest 23rd April

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks      

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