Friday, 5 August 2016

This week's work moths...

Trap out after clearing out our stock room on Thursday night. Picked it up this morning to add Straw Underwing and Six-striped Rustic to my year list.

Also, as always, a bunch of stuff I'm struggling with:

A pug (approx 20mm across, but hard to measure due to where it was!):
And a couple of micros:

Dave Morris, Chalfont St Giles


  1. I think your pug may be a very washed out Green Pug, they usually have a hint of green left, which I think your photo shows.

  2. Thanks, I had thought the same when I saw it, but kind of wanted to check I wasn't missing something... some of the other photos I took from the session also had a slightly green cast, partly due to the location and probably partly due to my elderly camera...

  3. I was up in Northumberland over the weekend and saw my first Six-striped Rustic there. November Moth can't be far off now! I think your bottom (very dark) micro is probably a second-brood Cochylimorpha straminea which I've had a few of in the last week or so.


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