Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Summer lull

Our catches in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire, since we returned from a fortnight's holiday just over a week ago have shown signs of what others have referred to as a late-summer lull, with few new species, and in fact quite numerically small catches: a distinct lack of Large Yellow Underwings, for example, although other species such as Brimstone seem to be doing well. A fair few attractive species, though, and the Gold Spot below represents a species which is by no means annual in our garden (in fact, we've only one previous record, from August 2013).

Acleris variegana, 11/8/16

Gold Spot, 13/8/16

Iron Prominent, 14/8/16

Sallow Kitten, 11/8/16
Of the photos below, the rather poor first one might be a Cydia servillana, which was about 7mm long; the second might be Juniper Pug, but looks rather faded; and the third is presumably a Willow Beauty, but seemed a rather unusually-marked individual - any thoughts on any of those three gratefully received.

Possible Cydia servillana, 10/8/16

Possible Juniper Pug, 10/8/16

Presumed Willow Beauty, 11/8/16
Steve and Xander Goddard


  1. Hello Steve & Xander, I think the first query looks more like a faded Spilonota ocellana. Willow Beauty is correct.

  2. Thanks, Dave -- Willow Beauty was what we assumed (any other possibilities seemed to rule themselves out one way or another): it's clearly quite a variable species.

  3. The pug looks more like Maple Pug to me Steve, bw, Marc

  4. Thanks, Marc: I see what you mean. That would be good news, as it would be a garden first.


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