Sunday, 14 August 2016

I.d. confirmations, please

I had what i think is a Twin-spotted Wainscot in my Aylesbury garden trap last night - a first for garden. Also i think a Helcystogramma rufescens; a rather large Ermine species i have no idea about! Any ideas would be welcome. Dave Maunder
Twin-spotted Wainscot, ? 14-8-2016

Helcystogramma rufescens? 14-8-2016

Ermine species, 14-8-2016


  1. The Yponomeuta isn't do-able to species but the other two look correct to me. Twin-spotted Wainscot is a nice garden record.

  2. Thanks for that, Dave - i thought that might be the case with the Yponoeuta.


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