Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Diamond-backs in the news

Diamond-backs have been swarming around the Bowles Mauves in my Chalfont St Peter garden early in the evening this past week.  Nearby brassicas, garlic mustard and sweet rocket, show signs of larval damage so I am wondering if they breeding here.

Wendy Wilson


  1. Possibly, although with the invasion only two weeks ago it might be a bit premature to assume that they are automatically the culprits! Have you seen any larvae?

  2. Interesting article published yesterday on the BBC. You will have to copy paste the weblink as Blogger doesn't seem to permit hyperlinks in Comment

  3. Thanks very much; the BBC article with video showing a larva feeding. I haven't seen any yet, but I'll look out for them.

  4. Sprayed my rocket seedlings yesterday - loads of Plutella larvae on them, but hopefully I acted in time.


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