Monday, 13 June 2016

A few queries, from a busy few days

We've had some rather good days in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire, with 9th June - a distinctly warm night - especially productive: at least 58 species, which is miles ahead of any other day so far this year. I'm in the process of drawing up a full list, and will post some highlights at some stage, but a little help or confirmation on a few tricky individuals would be very welcome. A few tricky micros: the first looks like Crambus lathoniellus, and was about 10mm long; the second looks like some sort of Eucosma, but I'm not sure which; the third could be a Scoparia basistrigalis. Then there's what we think is a Clouded Brindle; and all from 9th June, a presumed Orange Footman (colour's a bit off, but the timing and the overall shape are right - and it was on the small side, about 14mm); what looks like a Shears; and a couple of macros perhaps too battered to ID, but any suggestions would be welcome!

Steve and Xander Goddard

Possible Crambus lathoniellus, 11/6/16

Possible Eucosma sp., 8.6.16

Possible Scoparia basistrigalis, 10/6/16

Presumed Clouded Brindle, 11/6/16

Presumed Orange Footman, 9/6/16

Presumed Shears, 9/6/16

Unknown, 9/6/16

Unknown, 9/6/16


  1. Hello Steve & Xander, the first is Crambus lathoniellus, the second is indeed a Eucosma and I'd favour obumbratana although it seems a little early for it (my earliest ever date is 18th June with the rest in July/August), while the third I'm sure is just Scoparia ambigualis. The three macros look good to me, then of your two washed-out specimens the first is probably a Small Square-spot and the second probably a Rustic Shoulder-knot.

  2. Thanks very much, Dave: those all sound reasonable (and especially Rustic Shoulder-knot, which I think I was trying to remember!).

  3. Your Clouded Brindle is a Large Nutmeg I reckon. BW, Marc

  4. Yes, having lightened the image by about 100% I tend to agree!

  5. Thanks, both -- that would be good news, as it would be a garden first for us.


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