Thursday, 13 August 2015

Coleshill, Oxfordshire

Some good sessions over the last week have produced new species for the year, averaging at about 65-70 species per night. In addition to the Scarce Bordered Straw on 06/08, was Chocolate-tip and Acleris aspersana. On 10/08, Iron Prominent, Rosy Rustic and Copper Underwing were new and on 11/08 Dark Sword Grass and Cabbage Moth were the first for a while. 

Also notable were 5 Rush Veneer on 10/08 and 3 on 11/08.

Some rather worn individuals took longer to identify, but hopefully these are correct:

Anania crocealis?
Oak Nycteoline?
Many thanks,

Olly Fox, Coleshill, Oxfordshire


  1. Hello Ollie, I agree with Fan-foot and Oak Nycteoline. The middle one is rather too worn to be sure how the markings are arranged so I wouldn't like to pass judgement as there are several vaguely similar species. You may be correct, but the one I'm see most of at the moment is Udea lutealis.

  2. Hi Dave, thanks for looking at these worn individuals. I agree about there being a few candidates but the outer cross-line (marked with the upper red arrow in the post above) is angled back towards the edge of the wing which isn't the case in U. lutealis or Paratalanta pandalis. Likewise, the next cross-line is flat towards the trailing edge and broken but parallel further across the wing. This is closest to A. crocealis but it's difficult to be sure.


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