Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bradenham, Bucks

Martin Albertini, Peter Hall and I ran traps on the National Trust's chalk downland at Bradenham last night and despite rather chilly conditions we managed about 150 species (roughly 100 macros).  There wasn't anything completely unexpected but it was good to see things like Pammene regiana, Paratalanta hyalinalis, Mocha, Royal Mantle, Maple Prominent and Red-necked Footman.  As would be expected in that kind of habitat, Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Shears & Reddish Light Arches were around in some numbers.  This is a good site for the rare Striped Lychnis, with plenty of the larval foodplant dark mullein available.  The moth itself is not easily attracted to light and a search of the foodplant revealed no sign of it, but a couple of caterpillars were found of the closely related Mullein Moth.

Pammene regiana, Bradenham 23rd June

Paratalanta hyalinalis, Bradenham 23rd June
Maple Prominent, Bradenham 23rd June
Mullein Moth larva on dark mullein, Bradenham 23rd June
 Dave Wilton

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