Tuesday, 26 May 2015


...is a virtue.  I finally joined the 2015 migrant club today, albeit not in the garden at home.  A visit to the meadows adjacent to Bernwood Forest, Bucks this morning to see if Forester Moth was yet on the wing resulted in the moth below being kicked up from the grass:

Bordered Straw, Bernwood Meadows 26th May

Hopefully we're all going to be fed up with seeing Bordered Straw and Striped Hawk-moth by the autumn if they manage to breed here but it was nice to record one from the large migratory influx of recent weeks.

The first Forester was indeed seen (although just a single male).  Other species recorded were Adela rufimitrella (5), Glyphipterix fuscoviridella (70), Bactra lancealana (5), Pyrausta purpuralis (2), Opsibotys fuscalis (26), Grass Rivulet (6), Small Yellow Underwing (3) & Burnet Companion (7).

Forester Moth, Bernwood Meadows 26th May
Dave Wilton

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  1. A couple of nice finds there, Dave - there's hope for us yet with these migrants - Striped hawk next?


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