Thursday, 28 May 2015


Noting Darren Seaman's recent post containing D alpinana I thought I'd check an unusual site where I knew it existed - my favourite layby on the A41 (yes!). It was there again, as was Dichrorampha sequana, not well known in Bucks.

In fact, I've found 6 different species of Dichrorampha there in the past.
Andy King.  


  1. I will go back tomorrow and try to find sequana at Howe Park, there's definately Yarrow in the meadows.

  2. I looked the other year in my nearest unimproved meadow and found them swarming in the grass. There aren't many light trap records, mainly daytime searches. Definitely worth a look for you or anyone at this time.

  3. Anywhere with large amounts of ox-eye daisy or yarrow should produce a selection of Dichrorampha species, many of which are under-recorded because they are day/evening fliers. As Andy has found, roadside verges can be excellent habitat - when wielding a net around you just have to ignore the strange looks you get from passing traffic!


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