Monday, 25 May 2015

Catch numbers slowly improving

27 in total last night from my Tilehurst garden trap.
Peppered Moth (1) : Light Brown Apple (4) : Bee Moth (1) : Flame Shoulder (3) : Treble Lines (9) : Bright-line Brown-eye (1) : Heart and Dart (1) : White Ermine (1) : Light Brocade (1) : White-shouldered House-moth (1).
Also, a Carpet Moth that has escaped somewhere in the living room, but hopefully will show up sometime tonight!

3 Micro moths, 2 of which I have tried to photograph before escaping. Any help with these would be gratefully appreciated.
The first one maybe Phtheochroa rugosana? measured at 10mm.
The second one (awful photograph I know) - Well at first I thought it could be Metriotes lutarea, but looking at past posts it seems that Coleophora serratella has just recently emerged from Birch. There are Birch in the gardens near here but not Greater Stitchwort as far as I can tell. Measured at 6mm.

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  1. Hello Tony, the first micro is indeed Phtheochroa rugosana. The second picture does appear to be a Coleophorid but with few exceptions the 80 or so British species need a genitalia examination to be sure of the ID.


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