Sunday, 31 May 2015


Poplar Hawk Moth last night (one of the few moths I don't need to check the book for), Shears x 2, Heart & dart and this thing. I'm tempted with Dusky Brocade but is it a bit early or something else entirely?


  1. Hello Tom, I'd be more tempted by Large Nutmeg which is common locally. You probably won't need telling that it is not an easy time now, with a few of these rather similar-looking moths starting to fly which you won't have seen for a year !

  2. With Dave on this, Large Nutmeg. Still haven't seen one yet this year but was often one of most abundant moths when I lived closer to you Tom so hopefully you can look forward to seeing more of them :). Large Nutmeg and Rustic Shoulder-knot are often numerous, but in my experience Dusky Brocade rarely is, at least around these parts anyway. BW, Marc


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